Coated Substrates

Coated Substrates

Our vinyl bases can either be coated on paper or non-woven substrates with coating weights from 80 to 400gsm. These are available in plain and pre-pasted formats, and can be supplied single formats in double width formats up to 1.10m.

Compact base

A vinyl coat formulation with a good white finish
Can be embossed easily to give textural effects
High Speed, Low fume
Cost effective

Special Matt Vinyl base
Inherently Matt formulation
Does not require embossing


LTE 15
High speed, low fume expansible vinyl base
Deeper emboss plus production efficiencies

Expansion of the vinyl layer results in a more attractive and deeper embossed effect with a corresponding saving in PVC usage. This grade has been formulated for faster expansion together with reduced fume emission.

Embossing pressure can be reduced prolonging back-up roller life and minimising distortion of the backing paper allowing for better contact with the wall during hanging.


• Deeper emboss effects
• Savings on PVC usage
• Up to 25% faster processing speeds
• Reduced fume emission
• Reduced roller wear
• Reduced paper distortion for improved hanging

Heavyweight Mechanical Emboss

Weights can now be coated up to 400gsm. This allows for greater relief and more exciting effects to be produced.


A range of coloured vinyl bases can be produced to match customer requirements/specifications. The advantage of this is:

• No white edges, especially on heavy weights
• Reduced dot-skip on dark prints
• Can take the expense of having to pad coat the vinyl

Coating widths

The vinyl base can be either supplied as a standard 555mm width, as a double width at 1100mm or special widths such as 735mm. All edges are trimmed to provide a clean printable edge, which also reduces waste

Other non standard widths are available, please contact for more information

Presentation of reels

All reels are produced to the highest standard, and then wrapped in protective film with edge protectors and core bungs to prevent deformation. Reel lengths vary depending on customer requests, but a maximum reel diameter of 1300mm can be produced.

Standard Chemical Emboss Vinyl Base

Chemical emboss vinyl base producing blown embossed vinyl wallcovering in perfect register with the design, with a smooth emboss less prone to dirt collection.

On expansion, a matt soft texture results, suitable for tile designs and cork or wood effects.

It is formulated for fast expansion, and good response to inhibitor.
Can be supplied pre-pasted with heat-resistant acrylic adhesive capable of withstanding expansion temperatures.


• Blown vinyl, embossed in perfect register.
• Excellent emboss depth, less prone to dirt collection
• Fast expanding
• Good response to inhibitor
• Can be supplied pre-pasted
• Standard process conditions also apply.

Paper 90gsm
PVC 130gsm
Grade 320

All types of vinyl base can be supplied pre-pasted. Water-activated acrylic polymer adhesive is used, which can also be applied to customers own substrate(s).

Acrylic pre-paste has a smooth finish, facilitating excellent print quality and is also heat resistant to withstand vinyl processing temperatures (including those for expanded vinyls).


• Excellent swell characteristics
• Short water immersion time (30 seconds max)
• Smooth finish
• Heat resistant

All our vinyl base and plastisols conform to EN15102:2007 and comply with classifications to the requirements of the French Grenelle act.