Environmental Management System

What it means to us

Early in 1998 GB Technical Coatings implemented a management system designed to bring the company to an internationally recognised standard of environmental good practise.

That standard has now been achieved throughout the company and we have gained full accreditation to ISO 14001.

This accreditation recognises our commitment to environmental care through a disciplined programme of pollution control, development and good practise.

Systems are now in place which will ensure that

• Our use of non-renewable energy is minimised
• Our use of resources is recovered through recycling and re-use
• Waste management is improved
• Emissions are fully monitored and controlled

“The impact of our business on the environment is a matter of crucial concern to us and one which we look to continually improve. It profoundly affects our workforce, our locality and of course our customers. ISO 14001 confirms our commitment to good practice and our ongoing determination to maintain the very highest standards of environmental management.

What it means to our colleagues and neighbours

For those who work with us in the plant and for those who live in the locality, improved environmental consciousness carries significant benefits.

• Improved working and living conditions
• Reduced Health and Safety hazards
• Improved job security
• Better community relationships

What it means for our customers

Those who buy our products need to know that they are produced under conditions which attain the highest standards of environmental probity. ISO 14001 is confirmation that our management systems are reviewed and audited and that we are in full compliance with all relevant legislation.

• Existing products have been evaluated and reviewed for environmental impact
• All new products are assessed for environmental merit
• Our employees, suppliers and contractors are aware of their environmental responsibilities
• Materials handling systems are fully compliant