Standard Plastisols

Standard PVC Plastisols

The range of PVC Plastisols supplied by GB Technical Coatings is extremely large, and covers the whole spectrum of properties.

Chemical foams range from the high blow, surface textured products, through to low blow, hard plastisols. Compact grades range from very matt white plastisols, through to clear, glossy products.

The range of properties that can be tailored to suit an individual customer's needs are:

• Foam expansion
• Whiteness
• Blow speed
• Firmness
• Smooth/textured surface
• Grained surface
• Fine screen printing
• Opacity
• Surface feel i.e. suede, non-slip
• Mattness
• Clarity

Examples of plastisols include:

• 1193 grade, a high expansion foam with good whiteness, opacity and
 brightness, and a tight surface 'boucle' effect.

• 2017/4S grade, a medium-high blow foam with a smooth surface, ideal for
 printing through Penta 125 screens and coarser. Easy to tint with a minimum
 of stainer, this grade is ideal for fine textures, and as a platform to build upon.

• SMW/1 is a white very matt compact grade ideal for printing through Penta
 125 screens and coarser, to give fine tonal effects, or a matt pad at 90 gsm.

• The whole range of plastisols can be tinted with conventional colour stainers
 in plasticiser, but a recommended limit of 7% addition is advised.