We can also make plastisols for non wallcovering applications. These can either be de-aerated to give mechanical and surface improvements, or left as a conventional plastisol.

Plastisol can be manufactured to hardness’s ranging from 45 – 100 Shore A and can also be colour matched to suit customer requirements and specifications.

We can also work with customers to improve existing processes and also to offer plastisol efficiencies.

Sectors serviced

• Flooring
• Marine
• Clothing/Fashion
• Automobile
• Sporting goods
• Coatings
• Industrial (conveyor belts, doors etc)
• Construction industry

Processes used

• Dip moulding
• Spread coating
• Rotational/slush moulding
• Casting
• Nip/dye coating
• Hot drum Gelling
• Gravure coating